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Limitations with file uploading on an Ipad.

My son purchased an ipad recently.

We found that Apple has imposed an insane restriction on the ability to upload files through a browser. In other words, if you go to a website and want to upload an excel spreadsheet via an upload dialog, the task is nearly impossible. You can upload photos but that is all.

For example, suppose you have a blog and you want to upload a PDF file.. It will most likely not happen on an ipad.

Many of us connect to websites that require this capability. If you are thinking about purchasing an ipad for business use, be sure that the ipad will work properly with any websites you need.,

The problem can supposedly be solved by jailbreaking your ipad. However, that raises warranty and support issues.

I’m not sure what world the folks at Apple are living in but it sure isn’t Realsville.

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