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Did you forget your adminexile key (Joomla)

We have been using the Adminexile extension for Joomla. This is a tool to stop brute force attacks against the Admin account on the back end.

There is a possibility that the legitimate site owner could forget the key.

You should be able to use PHPMyadmin, find the ???_plugins table and set the adminexile line to published = 0 instead of published = 1

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2 Responses to Did you forget your adminexile key (Joomla)

  • Creator of AdminExile here…

    This is the most common support question I receive, and I've come up with an easy process to recover. Because many users aren't comfortable interacting directly with their database (many have no idea how to do this) I have a process that involves only file manipulation.

    1. browse using FTP (or other file manager)
    2. rename the plugin file /plugins/system/adminexile/adminexile.php (add an X or something to the filename)
    3. browse to /administrator and disable the plugin
    4. rename the file back to adminexile.php
    5. re-configure the plugin

    It's super easy, and super safe.


  • @Michael – Thanks for that tip…. and a great tool for Joomla.

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