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setting up WordPress on an IP until you transfer the domain

I needed to set up WordPress for a client. The problem was that we needed to fully develop the wordpress site prior to migration from the old site and host. With Joomla, developing in parallel is no problem. However, WordPress ties the domain into the installation.

The answer is to modify the hosts file so that the IP for the new site is pointed to your domain.

In other words, you add a line like
(where is the Ip of your hosting. )

One of the tricks is to be able to edit the hosts file. This can take some patience as windows tries to protect it. What worked for me on a windows 7 machine was

  1. Make sure that your folder settings are such that you are seeing hidden and system files
  2. Right click on notepad and choose “Run as administrator”
  3. Navigate to c:windowssystem32driversetc
  4. Look for the hosts file and open it
  5. Add the line to the bottom of the file.
  6. Make sure that the “SAVE AS TYPE” is set to ALL DOCUMENTS
  7. Save the file.
You should now be able to work with your new wordpress installation by Your old site should be visible by .
If you are running Linux or Mac, you will need to determine how to modify the hosts files for those operating systems.

I found the original idea at

Note – this was for a hosting plan with a static IP. If you are on a shared IP, you will need to determine how to make that work.  (It might not work as we have no means of testing that right now). If you are trying to develop on a shared IP, most hosts will upgrade you to a static IP for a few dollars a month

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