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Solved – Menu won’t reorder in Joomla after migration from 1.5

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We had a Joomla site where the menu would not re-order properly. This seemed to occur after using Jupgrade to migrate the site from j 1.5.

I found a substantial amount of documentation about this on the Joomla forums and elsewhere. BE SURE TO BACK UP YOUR SITE BEFORE TRYING ANY OF THESE FIXES.  The consensus was:

  • Use a free plugin to enable drag and drop in the menus. The plug is available at here.  However, I could not get the required registration to work.
  • Use an extension to reset all of the entries in the ordering column to zero. A link to the extension can be found in this forum post. I tried this but received an error trying to run the component.
  • Change the administrative template and delete the cache – this did not work for us.
  • Create a new menu and copy the items back and forth.
It also appears that you could directly modify the Joomla tables. That is probably the riskiest approach.
I took a different approach which appears to be working:
  • Open the menu manager for the menu in question.
  • On the right side, select TRASHED under SELECT STATUS
  • Select all of the trashed items and delete.
  • Then select UNPUBLISHED
  • Delete all of the unpublished items.
  • Select TRASHED again and delete those items.
  • Select ALL or PUBLISHED
  • Save your ordering.
That seemed to work for us.

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