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Quickbooks 2010 won’t print or email WTF???

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It is a amazing that a multi billion dollar company such as Intuit can F___ up something as simple as a flipping PRINT function for their Quickbooks 2010 product. I mean.. Duhhhhh … businesses will ****Probably**** want to flipping print or email a flipping invoice. Right now, I can ask my clients to come over and show them their invoice on the monitor.. At least THAT didn’t break.

This all started when I applied the update that quickbooks has been bugging me to do for 2 years. I figured since I would have to upgrade to QB 2013 by the end of May, I might as well update my current copy of Quickbooks. I figured that a multi billion dollar company would know what they were doing. .. Right?? WRONG.

So, I now have to either go out and purchase and install QB 2013 and ***Hope*** that intuit didn’t screw that up (Perhaps their engineering department has fired Larry Moe and Curley by now).. or … I have to spend more time trying to get A SIMPLE FREAKING INVOICE FREAKING PRINTED OR PDFd.

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