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How to change the vertical line spacing in Fabrik Embedded forms in Joomla

To remove extra lines in embedded forms
Go to the following folder which should be
NOTE – this will change the spacing for the default template. If you want to change other templates, you will have to do the following for those template folders.
You will see a file called custom_css_example.php
That file should be copied to custom_css.php.  You can do that with an FTP client by downloading it, rename the downloaded file and the upload it.
Open the custom_css.php  file on the server to edit it.
You will see the following around line 40

/* BEGIN – Your CSS styling starts here */
#{$view}_$c .foobar { display: none;}


#form_$c fieldset label{
display: inline;

to the custom_css.php for the template in question

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