Width of Fabrik Fields in Joomla with an Artisteer Template in IE and FIrefox

Last Updated on December 1, 2019 by Christopher G Mendla

We use Fabrik to build forms and applications in our Joomla sites (www.Fabrikar.com). It’s a great extension. We also use Artisteer to design our templates. (www.artisteer.com) . Both are excellent applications.

We ran into a problem where we had embedded Fabrik forms in an article. The fields in the embedded form showed perfectly in Chrome. However, in Firefox or IE9, the input fields stretched across the entire page.

We were trying to solve the issue from the Fabrik end which requires creating and modifying the CSS in the custom_css.php  That was not resolving the issue.

I then thought to look at the Artisteer template. The solution was there.

  1. Open up your template in Artisteer
  2. Go to the CONTROLS tab
  3. On the left margin, you should see CONTROLS under STYLING. Click on CONTROLS
  4. At the top is INPUT. Select that and select MORE OPTIONS…
  5. On the right, you click on INPUT
  6. You should then see WIDTH TYPE
  7. Set the WIDTH TYPE to AUTO
  8. Save your template, export it, and load it in Joomla.
You can also set the VERTICAL SPACING if you want.
This resolved the issue and now the width of the  fields in Firefox and IE9 will reflect what you set in Size under Fabrik.

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