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A second lease on life for old PCs with Linux (Ubuntu)

I have a couple of old XP machines lying around. They are old machines with limited resources. Endless Windows updates have caused them to slow to the point where they would lose a race with a drunken snail.

In many cases, Linux would run more quickly on a machine than Windows.

I downloaded Ubuntu from

Before you do anything, back up any files you may have on the Windows box.

Ubuntu will run in a demo or install mode. Make sure that you have enough free space for an install.

I chose to install Ubuntu alongside Windows. There are options for replacing the operating system.

If you opt for an install, you will be asked to set the partition size. That may take some time.

When you reboot after installing Ubuntu in the mode of running Ubuntu alongside, then you will have the option of which OS to choose.

If you haven’t used Linux before, it will take a little bit of time to get used to the interface. It does seem to be a bit faster than Windows.

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