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Changing the email template for Fabrik Forms in Joomla.

Fabrik is an excellent application generating extension for Joomla. It can easily generate forms for your site.

It can send the contents of completed forms to an individual. If you want to change the layout of the form you can create a template.

The templates reside in /plugins/fabrik_form/email/tmpl/   You can create a template in that folder such as EMAILFORM.HTML. You then go to the form, plugins, email and PHP/HTML Template. You should be able to select the template that you created. Case counts so test your forms thoroughly.

The emails sent from completed forms should then be formatted according to the template.

Here is a sample of a template we used:

First Name:  {firstname}

Last Name:  {lastname}

Email:  {email}

Address: {address}

Address 2: {address2}

City:  {city}

State:  {state}

Zip:  {zip}

Fabrik Referrer:  {fabrik_referrer}

Fabrik Internal ID:  {Itemid}

Time-Date:  {date_time}

IP:  {ip}

Comment: {comments}

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