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Workaround when admin menus aren’t working in Joomla 1.5.x

May 2013

We began to work with a Joomla 1.5.x based site where the backend had not been updated for quite some time. One of the first problems was that the admin menu didn’t work. Before we made any changes to the site, we wanted to install akeeba backup.

We got the hosting company to dump the SQL file and backed up the HTML root via ftp.

In order to get Akeeba installed, we first went to a 1.5.x site where the admin menu was working.

We then went to the installer on the working site. The URL for the installer is shown in the address bar and looks like

We then copied the index.php?option=com_installer and pasted that into the address bar for the non working site

That got us to the installer where we could now install the akeeba version compatible with j 1.5.x.

Once akeeba was installed, then we went back to the working site and found the address of the akeeba component .. ie index.php?option=com_akeeba  and pasted that into the site where the admin menu wasn’t working.

That allowed us to do an akeeba backup.

The next step will be to try to run the Joomla upgrade from 1.5.15 and see if that fixes the menu issue.

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