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The new xbox is a peeping tom

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Great news.. Your new xbox will monitor the movements of people in the room and their eye movements. The Kinect technology which allows games to see a persons’s movements will be able to track people in the room by sensing their heartbeats. It will also be able to track your eye movements to see where you are looking.

Creeped out yet??

A long time ago, when I was in the martial arts, we had a member who was a John Bircher and a bit tinfoil-hatty. Back in the 1980’s he said “Soon the government will be able to monitor everything you do and say through your TV”.. Well, we all though he was a couple of flakes short of a granola bar and questioned the wisdom of teaching him how to crush someone’s rib cage with a single kick.. Well, it seems he was right.

Given the scandals that are coming out regarding the collection of all phone records, the post office imaging the front and back of every piece of mail, the huge data collection centers… we are losing our privacy quickly and completely. While that is happening, our ‘leaders’ are becoming less transparent.

Guess I’m on a couple more lists for writing this.

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