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Workaround for Quickbooks 2010 backup files that crash on restore

Our Quickbooks 2010 data went haywire. Quickbooks was crashing when attempting to open our company file.

I restarted Windows 7 and the problem cleared up but it appeared that we had lost transactions. I tried the file doctor and a rebuild. the newer transactions still appeared to be missing.

I then tried to restore from a backup but that crashed.

Some people reported that they had luck restoring from a backup on another machine. The thought occurred that perhaps a restore would work if I logged on as another user on the same machine.

I am running Windows 7. I copied the quickbooks backups to the public documents folder. I then did a “Switch user” to another admin user. When I tried to restore the backups I was successful. The latest backup did not have the recent lost transactions but the prior backup did.

Then it was just a matter of setting up the restored file as the current company file.


  1. Test your backups periodically.
  2. Backup daily and keep archival backups.
  3. If you have trouble restoring a backup, try doing it as another user.
  4. Upgrade to 2013 when I get a chance.

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