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Fixing the blank / white sitemap page issue in xmap for Joomla

I was trying to install xmap on a client’s Joomla site. The install seemed to go normally. However, when I chose Components – Xmap, I got a blank white screen. I tried installing a newer version but had the same results.

I uninstalled xmap and then I fired up Filezilla and FTP’d into the site. I deleted the contents of the Cache and TMP folders. I then reinstalled the latest version and it worked like a charm.

WARNING – deleting the contents of any folder on a live site could have negative consequences. Be sure to backup before deleting anything.

Note – xmap was superseded by OSMap

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One Response to Fixing the blank / white sitemap page issue in xmap for Joomla

  • Thanks for this post. I uninstalled Xmap, cleared just my tmp folder 'cause there were things in my cache I was unsure about, and re-installed with the latest xmap. It was only 0.0.1 versions different, so I don't think that was it. Anyways, thanks again for this post on fixing blank pages for xmap.

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