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Freeing up space on an Android Phone (or other device)

The storage on the phone side of my Samsung Galaxy S3 was almost full. The phone was slowing down dramatically for even the simplest tasks.

I tried some space freeing apps, tried to deleting the cache and tried to move the as many apps as I could to the SD card. Even so, the most I could free up was 500MB.

I searched the phone drive for files 1 MB or larger. I had the phone connected to my PC and did a windows search. I found that there were hundreds of .apk files that were taking up space.  I found the folder with the .apk files by doing a ‘show containing folder’ command.

It would probably be safe to delete these files. However, I decided to cut and paste them to my NAS. That took about 15 minutes for the cut and paste. When I was finished I had freed up almost 75% of the phone’s storage.

NOTE – This appears to be a safe procedure. Use caution and make sure that everything is backed up.

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