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Vulnerability in older versions of Internet Explorer

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I found a post in webmasterworld about a new vulnerability in older versions of internet explorer. 
Here is a summary:
  • There is an exploit for internet explorer that, when users open an email link or visit certain websites, the attacker can execute code at the level of the user.
  • This affects both XP and Windows 7/8 machines. The vulnerability was just publicized on April 26th. 
  • There may be a fix available for the windows 7/8 machines but there probably won’t be a fix for the XP machines. 
  • There are some fixes suggested in the Microsoft security bulletin. They aren’t simple fixes and will greatly restrict the usability of Internet Explorer

I would suggest that 

  • All users use Chrome or Firefox as their default browser. 
  • Do  NOT click on links or attachments in “Joke” or “Recreational” emails. 


If you are using XP at home, you are probably running as an administrator which makes you more vulnerable. 


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