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Android Nexus 7 – Periodic “Starting Android – Optimizing application x of x” IOW Lollipop sucks

My Nexus 7 has been a mess ever since the Google Lollipop update.  A new issue is cropping up where the tablet will spontaneously reboot. When it restarts, it goes into a “Starting Android, Optimizing app n of nn” mode.

After checking on this, it appears that I’m luck because the tablet will start up when it is finished optimizing. Some people end up with a tablet or phone that is rendered useless by the device looping in this mode.

I’ll probably be due for an upgrade soon. However, I am becoming increasing less than satisfied with the Android OS.

I have a couple of options here.

  • Purchase a new tablet?  – Nope.. I have other uses for the funds now.
  • Live with an unreliable piece of junk
  • Go through the tablet and do a search and destroy getting rid of any apps that I don’t use/need regularly.  – That MIGHT help
  • Factory refresh the tablet – That may or may not work and will require a bit of time to do.
  • See if the thing will fit into a clay pigeon thrower, yell “PULL” and let an ounce or so of 7 1/2 shot do it’s stuff.
Hey Google, How about taking some of your billions of dollars and hiring programmers who actually know what they are doing???

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