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Bias Lighting for your TV and monitor plus color temperature adjustment – Save your eyes!!

I was under the assumption that the best way to view a TV was to have the room dark.  Apparently this isn’t the cast for TVs or monitors.  The idea is to have lighting behind the TV.

This article from howtogeek gives a more detailed explanation.

A couple of months ago, I added an application called flux to my computer. The application changes the color temperature of your monitor to match incandescent lights after sunset. For my unsophisticated eye, it means it makes it less white and a bit dimmer. Changing the color temperature at night is supposed to help your body rhythms.  My experience with this free app has been very positive.

Flux Site You can download the free flux application here.  I found the default settings a bit too dark so I changed them  to 3700k  Also, the app only seems to control my main and not my secondary monitor.

UPDATE Jan 2018  The Windows 10 display controls allow you to set the “Night Light” which changes the color temperature of your display at sunrise and sunset.

Turn on Windows 10 "Night Light"
Turn on Windows 10 “Night Light”
Windows 10 night light settings.
Windows 10 night light settings.

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