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Bing is focusing on the ‘mobile readiness’ of sites.

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Bing is placing more emphasis on the mobile friendliness of websites.

I posted previously about the Google Algo changes in April 2015 regarding the mobile friendliness of your sites.   According to a November 2014 Post on the Bing Blog, Bing is highlighting mobile friendly sites when you search via Bing  from a mobile device.

Unfortunately, Bing does not appear to have  a tool similar to the Google Mobile Readiness tool . You can check Bing’s assessment of your site by searching for your site using Bing on a mobile device. that, however, can be a bit tedious. One alternative is to load the Opera Mobile Emulator on your PC and search Bing that way.  If your site shows up in the mobile results with “mobile friendly” then you can be reasonably sure that your site is indeed mobile ready according to Bing.

Keep an eye on you Bing Webmaster Tools as I suspect that they will eventually add a tool to the dashboard to let you know if your site is mobile ready according to Bing.

To Recap, Google and Bing are now making it clear that they are placing emphasis on the mobile readiness of a site for ranking purposes. It is also clear that both search engines prefer a responsive site over a site with separate mobile content. If you haven’t updated your site to make it responsive, now is the time to do so.

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