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Embedding a youtube video in Joomla without using a video extension and disabling related videos at the end.

I needed to include a Youtube video on a client’s site. The client didn’t want the ‘related videos’ to show when the video was complete.

I tried the SP Simple Youtube extension from Joomshaper. That worked well except I couldn’t see how to stop the related videos.

In an article I discussed how you could use a wrapper to embed a youtube video in a site. It appears that the same method will work for a regular Joomla site. The video appears to be responsive.

  • Go to the youtube video you want to embed.
  • Get the embed code for the video – Paste that into Notepad.
  • Copy just the URL from the embed code.
  • You can add ?rel=0 to the url disable related videos
  • Create a new Wrapper module in your site


  • Paste the URL into the wrapper module
  • Give the module a custom name. e.g. video1
  • Set the width and height of the module in pixels.  You can take the dimensions in the embed code and scale by multiplying each dimension by the same factor such as 1.5


  • Go to the article where you want the video to appear.
  • Use the loadposition statement to load the video  {loadposition video1}


That should do the trick. I have tested it with Joomla 3.4.x sites. I’m not sure about earlier versions of Joomla or if the templates used affect the results. 

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