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Fixing a broken blogger blog that was showing a bx- error in the front end and when accessing templates.

I had a blogger based blog on a site. The blog was set up as

For a number of reasons, I had shelved that domain for a while. I decided to bring it back online.

I had done the same basic process with this blog and it worked fine. I simply re-established the custom domain and everything worked.

However, with the buckviews blog, I was getting a bX-3h9h2v  error in the front end and various bx- errors in the back end when I tried to access the templates. I tried reverting to the classic template which didn’t help. If I looked at the templates, it only showed “live on blog’ but no template choices. If I went into the layout, the only available widget was the favicon.

I tried to go back to a non custom URL which didn’t work.

So, the question was, “How do I fix a broken blogger blog”?   Fortunately the export feature was working. I exported the blog and then created a new blogger blog. I was then able to import all of the posts from my previous version of the blog. I chose to NOT publish the posts as many of them were old and no longer relevant.

The next step will be to re-design the template.

Also, when I went in to set up the custom URL, it connected without having to redo the cname entries for my domain. I found that to be a bit odd as I thought I would have to redo that. Apparently the second Cname entry is based on your domain name and not the blog name.


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