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How to embed a youtube video in a site is a website builder from the folks. They have partnered with siteground to provide a hosted Joomla solution. is a very limited platform. It lacks the ability to use extensions that regular Joomla sites have but it is a way to provide a low cost Joomla based site.

See Our web design page for a comparison of regular Joomla sites with sites.

If you want to embed a video in a regular Joomla site, you can add a youtube/video extension . This isn’t possible in sites because you have no ability to add extensions. I did find a workaround.

  • Go to the youtube video you want to embed.
  • Get the embed code for the video – Paste that into Notepad.
  • Copy just the URL from the embed code.
  • Create a new Wrapper module in your site
    • Paste the URL into the wrapper module
    • Give the module a custom name. e.g. video1
    • Set the height of the module in pixels. (you might need to play with this. Try 500)
  • Go to the article where you want the video to appear.
  • Use the loadposition statement to load the video  {loadposition video1]
At that point, the video should be embedded in your article.

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