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A reason for differences in Blogger, Google Analytics and Adsense page views

I was trying to get a handle on why there seemed to be a huge discrepancy between page views reported by Blogger, Google Analytics and Adsense.

Blogger was reporting almost 10 times what Analytics was reporting and Adsense was reporting slightly less than Analytics.

For example:

  • Blogger – 1000
  • Analytics – 100
  • Adsense – 80
The reason for this is that Blogger reports ALL page views, even those by bots. So, you are seeing the results of googlebot, other search engine bots and site scrapers.
This results in a grossly inflated view of page views by Blogger.
  • Blogger –  ALL page views, even those by bots. So, you are seeing the results of Googlebot, other search engine bots and site scrapers
  • Analytics – Analytics tries to just show human views from browsers
  • Adsense – Ad blockers installed by some users will block adsense ads.
If you want the most accurate report of visits to your blog, use Google Analytics.
  • If you have an Analytics account, create an account for your blog, then go to Settings,
    Other, Analytics Web Property ID and ad your Analytics property ID.
  • If you don’t have an analytics account, set one up and proceed as indicated above.
If you don’t have a Google Analytics account, you can get a feel for the number of ‘real’ visitors by the following:
  • Go to your Overview
  • Click on the number next to page views today
  • On the right hand side, under the page views summary, click on ‘more’
  • Select the time span you want in the top right
  • Look at the referring sites and referring URLs. This will give you some idea of the real traffic but it will not include those visitors who clicked through from an email or entered the url directly into their browser

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