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Hot phones drain your battery faster.

Today’s phones will drain your battery faster when they are hot. For example, if you are driving and have your phone on the console where the sun is hitting it, the battery becomes less effective. Another example would be having the phone in your shirt pocket at an outdoor event where the sun is hitting it.

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Keep your device cool and extend your battery life. Some ways to keep it cool include

  • Keep the phone out of direct sunlight. 
  • If you have it in a pocket, make sure that body heat isn’t affecting it. 
  • Keep it away from heaters. 
  • Some phone mounts use the heating/cooling vents. This is OK in the summer when the air conditioning is running but could be a problem during the cold months. 

The same concept applies to other portable devices such as laptops, notebooks and tablet. 

UPDATE Dec 2017 – Another technique to ‘cool’ your phone down is to close all the open apps. On an android, you click the button to show all the running apps. On my phone, it is the small square icon at the bottom. That brings up a list of open apps. Simply swipe those apps off the screen. In less than five minutes, your phone should be significantly cooler.


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