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Setting up structured data for a website.

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Google Webmaster Tools was showing that my site had no structured data.  My consulting site  is a Joomla 3.x site. I tried the J4 Schema extension but could not get that working properly according to any of the tests I ran, including the google structured data test.

I did a search for “Seo Consultant” and checked out the contact page for one of the SEO companies.  The HTML structured markup was easy to find.

I was able to use that as a model for my markup.

Chris Mendla Tech

Southampton, PA 18966
United States

Phone 215 942 0170

Contact:  Chris Mendla

When I ran this through a couple of structured data markup checkers, the code checked out OK.
Keep in mind that, at this time, structured data is not supposed to affect SERPs. However, it seems that it makes a lot of sense to add it your sites.
Some good markup testers are

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