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You might want to recheck your site’s mobile readiness with Google for differences in Blogger, Google Analytics and Adsense page views even if you passed previously.

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I was doing a monthly review of a client’s site. As of the end of April 2015, Google is placing a heavy emphasis on the mobile friendliness of the your site.

I checked this site at the beginning of April. It is a Joomla 3.4.x site. I had to remove the media and templates folders from robots.txt.  After doing that, Google reported that the site was mobile friendly.

However, when I checked Google’s webmaster tools this month, it said that it was not mobile friendly. It was showing a number of blocked resources all in the media and templates folders. I checked the robots.txt tool in webmaster tools and it showed that those folders were allowed.

As of this posting, I am trying to get a handle on exactly why the readiness tool shows the resources as blocked while webmaster tools shows the resources as allowed.

UPDATE – SOLVED – I had previously just remarked out the images and templates folders with a ‘#’.   That worked before. However, now you have to actually delete the lines.   

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