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Troubleshooting tales – 2 bad monitors..

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A client called and said one of their machines was down. The monitor was only coming on momentarily.. She had swapped it out with another monitor from storage with the same results –

Conclusion for both of us – The video card on the workstation was bad.

They still had a month left on the 3 year Dell warranty so I stopped over to get that process going.

As we were troubleshooting, the Dell tech was leaning toward plugging the monitor into my laptop to confirm that the monitor was good. My first thought was ‘not necessary’ but then I considered the remote possibility that both monitors were bad.

In spite of the odds, the monitor was bad.. We tried the remaining monitor we had in storage and that worked.

The odds of 2 monitors failing the same way at the same time is a bit staggering. If you add in the odds of using the second monitor to troubleshoot a problem with the first, the odds are even greater.

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