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Dropbox slowed my PC to a crawl.

I use Dropbox for a number of things. One in particular is to upload backups of a client’s website so they can keep a backup for their use.

I uploaded 2 files for about 1.3 GB for a client from my desktop. I decided to work at Starbucks for a while. When I turned my laptop on, it pegged at 100 percent CPU. The main culprit was Dropbox.

There is a way to change the bandwidth allocated for Dropbox from within Dropbox’s preferences panel. I had to end up killing the Dropbox process so I could get to work.

While I like using Dropbox, I have to consider some alternatives and changes to my procedures.

  • I am considering setting up space on my domain with password protected accounts to allow my clients to securely access their downloads.
  • If I made it a habit to connect my laptop at home instead of leaving it in it’s case. That way, updates and any synchronization would occur while connected at home instead of on the road when I really need the laptop
  • Fiddle with the Dropbox settings to see if I can get it to where Dropbox is not affecting the performance of the laptop.

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