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CREEPY – Google Satellite view removing vehicles from roads and highways


This is like something out of “The Day After” or “The Walking Dead”.

I was mapping a route with Google Maps and switched to Satellite view. I noticed that there was a lack of cars on I-95 in South Philly. Given Philadelphia’s traffic, I thought that there should be SOME cars regardless of the time of day   I started following 95 looking for the traffic jam.. I noticed that ALL vehicles in the traffic lanes  on the roads had been removed. This included sidestreets, highways and major arteries.

Vehicles were visible in parking lots and parked alongside the roads but not in the driving lanes.

This gives a very creepy effect of a dead city… I realize that there might be some privacy issues that some stinking lawyer will try to exploit but come on… spending that much processing power to remove vehicles from the roads???   My trust factor with regard to Google has just dropped significantly.

I did see one road that was even creepier where the vehicles were showing as ghostly images.  I couldn’t find the original example but I found another which is the second picture.

PS – I’m not sure if they will keep this imagery or if vehicles have been removed in other locations but right now, Philly looks like the day after.

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