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Gmail doesn’t play AVI files??

I have a need to review .AVI files in my inbox. My email is gmail.  If I am using outlook, everything is fine. However, if I use, I get “No Preview Available” and a choice of cloud based players along with download or download to Google Drive.

I just want to watch the steeeeenking video. I’m leery of third party viewers. I tried some of the third party viewers gmail suggested and they were worthless.

All I want to do is efficiently view the email notifications from my security system when I’m away. Is that too much to ask from the eggheads at google?

I did some searching and this problem appears to go back to 2012 or so and “it will be fixed shortly”.

I can download the file, then open it with Windows media player, then download it.. I’m looking for efficiency, not a full time job looking at ten second videos.

When I get some time (Now that I wasted a portion of tonight trying to solve this) I’m going to look into a third party email app such as Thunderbird. I’m not even sure that will work with gmail.

Hey Serge and Larry.. Just let me view my freaking AVI files.

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