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Back up data from your Google Account

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You can back up data from your Google account for safekeeping. This will protect you against things such as

  • Your account being hijacked
  • Accidental or malicious deletion of account data.
  • The highly unlikely event of a problem at Google.
You can go here or go into My account, privacy, takeout in your google account.
If you are a heavy user of Google, I would suggest doing archives of subsets of your account. You will see options for things such as Gmail, Drive, Blogger etc.  The idea is to keep the resulting archive size manageable.
In most cases, it will take a while for Google to create the archive. You will be notified via email when it is ready.
Keep in mind that the archives can be quite large so be sure to have space available for the download (External drive, large USB stick)…
Set up reminders to yourself to run archives on a regular basis.

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