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Changing the file name in the Epson Scanning software.

When I scan documents, I prefer to use my own system. For example, I usually make a file name of the date and then the subject of the scan. i.e. 20161123 Winning lotto ticket.pdf.  By doing a date of YYYYMMDD I can more easily  sort the documents.

Buttttt.. when I purchased a new Epson Printer and upgraded, I found that it wasn’t as easy to set the file name as it was in the previous version. I figured a work around.  If you look at the File Save Settings, you see a file name and an Edit button. However, I was not able to type in the file name box. So, hit the edit button.


You will get the next screen. If you have disabled time stamping, you can enter the file name you want as the prefix. If you have time stamping enabled, that will work also.


Now, if I type in 20161126 Winning Lotto Ticket, the file name becomes 20161126 Winning Lotto Ticket.pdf. That works for me for now.

In summary, use the prefix as the file name.

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