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Guardzilla won’t work with my Moto XT

I purchased an outdoor Guardzilla security camera. I got it set up and working with my Moto X Pure edition. After a few minutes, it started downloading a camera update. After that, I could no longer connect.

I tried reinstalling the app on my phone but still could not connect. I exchanged that unit for a new one at Staples. Guess what.. the new one wouldn’t connect either.

There is a note on the app’s page in the play store that says


This version of Guardzilla has updates to resolve an issue preventing some users from being able to complete configuration of outdoor camera devices.

That version of the software is dated Feb 13 2017.

OK – RANT TIME –  A COMPANY THAT IS IN THE SOLE BUSINESS OF MAKING CAMERAS THAT CONNECT TO A SMART PHONE CAN”T GET THE SOFTWARE TO ESTABLISH A CONNECTION BETWEEN THE CAMERA AND THE PHONE.  What the hell Guardzilla, you aren’t in the business of making plush toys. You are in the technology business. I’d love to know the salary of the idiot who allowed this software to go into production. What the hell, did you hire Wally from Dilbert as your chief engineer??

I did try installing the software on my tablet to see if I could establish a connection. The app did connect from my tablet but then went into an update “Please do not close this app”.. Fifteen minutes later, it is still in the ‘Updating Camera’ mode.

So far, I’ve wasted three hours of my life trying to get this piece of crap to connect. I’m seriously thinking about spending the extra money for the dlink outdoor camera. I have a dlink indoor camera but I’m not happy with their interface. I’m also going to look at the Arlos.

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