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Finding a missing Fitbit

I woke up this morning and found my fitbit wasn’t on my wrist.  If that happens, you can use the Fitbit app on your phone to help find it.

  • Go to the app and see when the last successful sync happened. If it is ‘just now’ then your Fitbit is probably nearby. Otherwise, the last sync should give you a clue as to where you might have lost it.
  • Go room to room and attempt to sync. If the app doesn’t sync with your Fitbit, then it probably isn’t there (Captain Obvious can tell you more about this)
  • If you do get a sync but can’t find it, try setting a silent alarm. Yes, I know what ‘silent’ is supposed to mean. However, it will vibrate and the display will flash. If you are in a room and can turn the lights out, that might help find it.
At any rate, I found it in the third room I tried.

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