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Beware of Google Contacts – Recovering deleted records is difficult

I started using Google Contacts to sync Outlook with my phone.. That part works pretty well.

I decided to go to the new Google Contacts web interface and categorize my contacts by using labels.  First of all, the interface to do that could be a LOT better than it is.

While I was working, I accidentally deleted a contact. Ruh Roh.. There is no easy way to undo the deletion of a single contact.. Google supposedly hires the best developers in the world and THIS is the best they can do??

The following applies to the new version of Google Contact (~ May 2017)

If you expand MORE on the left you  will see

Ok, that looks promising.

However, here is the dialog you get.

Ok , just freaking great Google.. I’ve been working for an hour so I may wipe out a lot of other work trying to restore one record.  I can use custom and try to GUESS how long ago I deleted the record.
If I were grading this system as a professor, I’d give the student a C- at best with a note “Please re-read the sections on user interfaces”
I guess I should look to see if there are any third party apps that would allow me to safely manage my Google contacts.

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