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Danger Will Robinson. Do NOT reply with your ‘first car’

I’ve been seeing an increasing number of Facebook posts that ask something like

What was the first car you ever owned?   -or- Where did you meet the love of your live?

or something similar. I cringe every time I see friends happily commenting on these posts.  Quite often the type of question is one that is used for password and/or account retrieval. This doesn’t just apply to Facebook but just about any site that uses challenge questions.

If you see one of these questions.. IGNORE IT.   Nobody really cares what your first car was.. However, in certain cases, that information can allow someone to take over one or more of your accounts .. bank, PayPal, shopping etc. Read my post about how the whole system of secret questions is flawed.

Don't reply to a post asking about your first car
Don’t reply to a post asking about your first car

The photo in this post is of my Grandfather and Grandmother.

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