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Laptops can cause serious burns including to your er.. willie.

I published a post back in 2007 about repetitive stress injuries.  In addition to stress injuries, there is also a danger of burns. Some laptops run extremely hot. According to a article published by the  US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health titled Burn Injury Caused by Laptop Computers.

This is bad enough:

aprottka et al. reported a notebook-induced thermal injury on the patient’s lap causing a severe second and third degree burns. As a result, a partial amputation of the left foot was carried out.

But, THIS, makes me want to toss my laptops and notebooks in the trash

Ostenson reported a case of penile burning caused by a laptop. After using the laptop for 1 h, the patient noticed irritation and edema of his penile prepuce. Moreover, the ventral part of his scrotal skin was red with the blister of diameter of 2 cm. After 2 days, the penile and scrotal blister broke and formed infected wounds with extensive suppuration

OUCH!!.     One thing this particular article doesn’t touch on is the implications of having wifi emissions next to skin and tissue.  Another consideration is that if there is enough heat to cause burns, then there is a small possibility of starting a fire if you leave the laptop on a bed or couch.  

There is an option of a laptop desk such as the one below or just being careful with your laptop.

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