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Problems after uploading photos from Google Photos to Blogger.

I’ve been resurrecting a couple of blogger blogs that I have. I had a lot of usable photos that were in Google Photos. I didn’t see any reason not to upload to blogger from my google photos.

However, when I started clicking the Facebook share button on my blog posts, I noticed that not all of the images were showing on Facebook. After a bit of research, there seemed to be a link between posting to blogger from Google Photos with an account that is linked to Google Plus.

I ran into more problems when I used Twitshot to try to post tweets with images on Twitter. I have a post on how to use Twitshot to post tweets with images from your blog.

There were even more problems when I tried to use the Pinterest share button on the blog post. I was getting invalid image issues.

Keep in mind that this issue just doesn’t affect my sharing to Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest but any visitor trying to share would run into the same issues. On an image intensive blog, that would result in a loss of a lot of potential traffic from social media.

Luckily, I had only done about 2 dozen posts in each of the two blogs. I started downloading the Google photos images and then uploading the downloaded image to blogger. For the most part, that seems to have solved the issues with Pinterest and Twitshot. However, I’m still having sporadic issues with Facebook not picking up the image.

Note – With Facebook, the first time you try to share you need to click share, then close out the dialog and share again. It has to do with the fact that Facebook needs to cache the images from the page. I believe that once they are cached, any other user should be able to share the photos directly. (This is additional incentive to share your image posts to Facebook).

I will update this post when I’ve started posting new image posts. That will preclude any Facebook problems due to an existing Facebook cache.

Note – When looking at Google Analytics for the blogs, I am seeing significant traffic from social media. Therefore resolving this issue is important.

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