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Adding the ability to make links “Nofollow” in WordPress

UIPDATE – NOVEMBER 2019 – The Yoast SEO plugin is strongly suggesting that links are NOT nofollowed. The theory is that VALID outgoing followed links are good for SEO. 

An important aspect of SEO is to carefully manage your ‘link juice’. That is the amount of ‘goodness’ or page rank that flows between sites based on links.

The general consensus is that you want to be extremely careful with linking to other sites. Otherwise the ‘goodness’ of your site will leak to the other sites. You definitely WANT to add the nofollow attribute to any paid links or if you have any suspicion about the reputation of the site you are linking to.

A tool to prevent this issue is Rel=nofollow.

There are a number of plugins for WordPress. I’m going to try Ultimate Nofollow for now and see how that works.

Here is a simple infographic from SeachEngineLand  that helps explain the issue.

Summary – Rel=”Nofollow” can be extremely important in certain cases. It’s worth adding a plugin to handle adding the attribute until it becomes part of the core of WordPress.  (This also applies to any website or content management system)

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