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This site was being attacked

My sites were all down this morning. This site, was getting a flood of overseas traffic.

I have applied a temporary fix which involved adding .htaccess code to limit visitors to the US. So, my todo list just grew to:

  • Find out how to add traffic logging to my hosting
  • Let the attacks die down and try opening up the htaccess to allow all countries.
  • The Geo IP plugin didn’t seem to block the overseas ips. I need to check that out a bit more. The idea was to use the plugin to block access. However, the traffic flood might be hitting the server before it got to WordPress.
  • Post a detailed article on how I dealt with the flood so far.

For something like a tech oriented blog, I’m not crazy about blocking Russia, China, Vietnam, India etc.  However I need to see what I can do to harden things up.

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