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Another clever Facebook Phishing scam

I was checking Facebook on my phone and saw an alert that a friend had sent an image. When I opened the message in messenger, there was something that looked like a video link.

When I clicked on that, it came up with a login screen. DANGER WILL ROBINSON.. DANGER DANGER!!!!.   The login screen then showed a URL that was obviously not related to Facebook.

If someone does enter their Facebook credentials, then their Facebook account becomes available to the hackers to do whatever they want with it.   I posted yesterday about a client who was a victim of a scam . Someone asked me “How could anyone fall for that? ”  The answer is that the Phishers are becoming more sophisticated. If you aren’t paying close attention, you could fall for a scam.


  • Any time you get a screen asking for your credentials, THINK TWICE, step back, THINK ABOUT IT 10 MORE TIMES before entering your credentials.
  • Do NOT use the same password everywhere. In a case like this, I would bet that the Phishers will try that password against Paypal, eBay and other popular sites.
Facebook Phishing Example
Facebook Phishing Example

If you hit “login” on the screen above, you will get a fake Facebook login page. NEVER, EVER EVER, ENTER YOUR CREDENTIALS!!

Facebook Phishing Example Login Screen
Facebook Phishing Example Login Screen

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