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A great cheat sheet on image sizes for social media headers and profile pics.

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One of the keys to getting legitimate traffic to your site is to leverage social media. In other words, set up profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr etc. related to your site or to a niche within your site. If you want to do it correctly, your profiles on the various social media sites need to be relatively professional. There is a great cheat sheet posted on the Godaddy Blog that helps you figure out the correct image sizes.

The social media cheat image size cheat sheet shows the correct sizes for almost a dozen social media sites.  In some cases, such as the header for Tumblr, I believe the image size is much larger than it needs to be. In that case, you can create an image to the size indicated and then scale the image down. I use GIMP for image creation.

This type of information is great for getting a jump start.

To recap:

  • Posting your blog posts to social media will gain traffic and, depending on the social media, backlinks.
  • When you set up a profile, you should go the extra step to set up a good theme with a proper header and profile image.
  • Knowing the optimal size for images will speed the process up.
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