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Silly cPanel Warning after installing an SSL certificate on a domain without a dedicated IP

I installed an SSL certificate on a domain that does not have a fixed IP. It warned that Microsoft IE on Windows XP will give a false security warning.. REALLY??  This is 2018. Is anyone using XP? 

The warning reads “Note: You do not have a dedicated IP address. As a result, web browsers that do not support SNI will probably give false security warnings to your users when the access any of your SSL websites. Microsoft Internet Explorer on Windows XP is the most widely used web browser that does not support SNI”.

Silly warning after installing an SSL certificate on a site without a dedicated IP

Seriously though, getting dedicated IPs for these sites is on the list of ‘things to do’ once they start pulling revenue. In the meantime, I’ll have to deal with the traffic I’m losing from security conscious Windows XP users.

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