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WordPress crash after updating BackupWordPress to v 3.9 – June 10 2019

Did WordPress crash after updating BackUpWordPress? I was doing some plugin updates on my sites. When I updated a site to version 3.9 of BackupWordPress. The site crashed with an HTTP 500 error. Updated 9/13/2019

Update 9/13/19 – I checked the support site for the backupwordpress plugin. The results were:

  • They apparently resolved the issue that was causing sites to crash in v 3.10
  • The current version 3.10 has NOT been tested with my current version of WordPress which is 5.2.3

Unless the plugin has been tested with my current version, I’m going to uninstall it. I’ll check in a week or so to see if v 3.10 has been tested with WP 5.2.3. If so, I’ll reinstall it.

The site was running WordPress 5.1.1. I keep my plugins up to date as a standard operating procedure. The update to BackupWordPress 3.9 crashed the front and back ends with an HTTP 500 error.

I was able to get the site running again by renaming the BackupWordPress plugin folder from backupwordpress to and then deleting the plugin. I did that through FileZilla.

It appears that other WordPress sites are having similar issues per messages on their support board.

One user appears to have found a fix . Apparently there are two folders that are blank. Her solution was to download version 3.8 and upload the contents of those two folders. The option to download previous versions is on the backupwordpress advanced page.

I’m running out of time tonight so I’ll leave backupwordpress disasbled. I suspect that a patch will be available soon.

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