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Create a channel on your YouTube account

The process to create a new channel on your YouTube account can be a little tricky. Here is step by step process for adding a channel. 

Why add a YouTube channel?

You might want to add a YouTube channel strictly for personal use. For example, you might want to have a channel for music and one for old television shows.  Or you might want to create a channel for videos you upload for a website or organization. 

A channel will have it’s own video collection as well as it’s own subscribers. 

You can use a channel as a companion to your website. If you create videos that are used in your site or in your posts, hosting them on YouTube solves a lot of bandwidth problems. It does create other issues with regard to control. 

If you get enough traffic to your website, you may be able to monetize your YouTube channel.  The requirements are fairly strict but with enough traffic, you can develop a decent cash flow. 

Adding a channel to YouTube

Go to your YouTube account and click on your account image at the top right. You will see a dropdown. Select “Settings”.

The way account and channel are used within YouTube is slightly confusing. In the instructions below you will see ‘account’ where you think you should see ‘channel’.

Youtube account settings
Youtube account settings

Click on “See all my channels or create a new channel”

Youtube account - create edit channels
Youtube account – create edit channels

You will see your existing channels as well as the number of subscribers and how many videos are in the channel. This includes videos that you uploaded and any videos you added to the channel. 

Click on the “+ Create a new channel” button. This will allow you to create a new channel.

YouTube channel list
Channel list

Give your channel a name. If you aren’t sure what to name your channel, browse through YouTube and see how others have named their channels. Look at the more popular channels. 

YouTube - Create a new channel
YouTube – Create a new channel

Upload a Video

You can then use ‘Select files to upload’ to select the videos you want to upload. Choose either public or private for the viewing options. 

YouTube - Select video files to upload
YouTube – Select video files to upload

The next step is to set your title, description and tags for the video. You will see the link that you can use to access the video on YouTube. You can also choose the thumbnail to show on youtube. 

YouTube - Edit upload posting
YouTube – Edit upload posting

Switching between your channels

When you add a channel or channels, you will need to keep track of which channel that you are connected to.  To switch channels, go to your user icon at the top right. From there choose “Switch account”. 

YouTube - Switch Account
Switch Account

This will show a list of the channels that you have created. Simply choose the channel you want to work with. 

YouTube - Your channel list
Your channel list

Final touches

Once you have your new channel created, go back and look at the options for customizing the look and feel.

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