Five tips to access a site you can't log into because of cookies or sessions

Locked out of a website? Try these 5 tricks

Last Updated on September 30, 2020 by Christopher G Mendla

If you are locked out of a website because of a login loop or an infinite redirect loop, you can try using incognito mode or perhaps another browser

The problem – An endless loop with Verizon

I was trying to log onto my Verizon Fios and Wireless accounts on my desktop top pay my bills. I use Chrome as my browser on Windows.

When I tried to access either site, I ended up in a constant loop of redirects. This prevented me from logging in.

Possible solutions:

There a number of things you can try if you can’t access a site, especially in the case of a loop or redirect while trying to logon.

1. Close the browser tab and retry

Closing the browser tab and retrying didn’t work.

2. Close all browser windows and retry.

This is not a good option for me as I usually have a lot of windows and tabs open. It would be disruptive to close all that because one site wasn’t behaving

I could have opened Edge or Firefoz and used that is it seemed that the problem was probably cookie or session related.

3. Use a phone (or tablet)

My phone is set up to access both my wireless and Fios accounts.

4. Use chrome or another browser on a virtual machine.

Most people won’t have this option. I run Ubuntu using Oracle’s Virtualbox on my windows machine. This would avoid any session or cookie issues as it is essentially another machine.

5. Try incognito mode

Another alternative was to try incognito mode in Chrome. This worked. Using the incognito mode allowed me to login to both sites and pay my bills.


If you need to access a site and it seems to be a session or cookies issue, try one of the methods above. One of the workarounds should do the trick. In most cases the problem is temporary and will be resolved by the time you need to access the site again.

Five tips to access a site you can't log into because of cookies or sessions
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