Lenovo Moto G7 Play not ringing after a recent update

Moto G7 Play on Verizon Wireless is not ringing after a recent update

Last Updated on September 14, 2020 by Christopher G Mendla

I am in the middle of a job search and was missing phone calls on my Moto G7 Plan on Verizon Wireless after a recent update. It simply wasn’t ringing. 

This seems to be a known issue with the Play and Turbo models. 

Seriously folks, isn’t the purpose of a phone to receive incoming phone calls? 

Here is what I have done so far and my setup:

  • Moto G7 Play Unlocked XT1952-4 /android version 10
  • Verizon Wireless
  • Outgoing calls work
  • Incoming calls do not ring but can go to voicemail. 
  • Outgoing calls with hangouts work. 
  • I tried installing and setting True Phone Dialer as the default. That would not ring. I thought that the problem could be in the Google Phone app. The fact that I had the same problem with another dialer seems to indicate that the problem is with the Moto settings
  • Switched back to the default phone app
  • Reset the app preferences. 
  • Quadruple checked the do not disturb settings. 
  • Deleted the cache and storage for the phone.
  • rebooted a dozen or more times

I posted a question in the Lenovo Moto G7 Play form at https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/moto-g7-play-moto-g7-moto-g7-power-moto-g7-plus/Phone-is-not-ringing-after-last-update/m-p/5038860

If you have a Lenovo Moto G7 Play or Turbo phone that has been recently updated (mid September 2020) you might want to verify that it is ringing for incoming calls

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