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Verizon Fios emails to AOL bouncing – Can’t these two play nice??

First of all, if you are still using AOL for your business, you want to go out and get a real email, preferrably one that goes with your domain. If you can’t do that, at least try gmail.

I’ve been sending some things to friends and clients. I took a look through my incoming emails and looked at the bounced message details. Everything going to anyone with and AOHELL.. er I mean AOL email is bouncing. What happens is that residential FIOS gives you a dynamic IP address. AOL’s spam reporting is based on IP addresses. This means you are getting an new IP address about once a week. You are, in effect, getting someone else’s history. Continue reading

Spam – What a mess

I just wanted to grip about spam. My home system is set up with filters and rules so a lot of the spam gets moved into the spam folder on the client side.

I’ve been on the road for a couple of days and am processing my main account manually. What I’m seeing is that about 90% of my incoming mail is Spam. This is really getting annoying. The situation seems to be gettng worse all the time. Continue reading

GREAT NEWS- Botnet operators arrested…!!!!

Well, this is great news.. The FBI has arrested ‘several’ ‘botherders. These are the people who use malicious software to gain control of home, business and institutional computers. Their task is made easier by the millions of small businesses and home users who do not keep their computers adequately secured. Continue reading

Well, Google is finally cracking down on MFAs and the federales are busting spammers.. Life is starting to look rosier

What I don’t get in the article is that he sent tens of millions of spams and the prosecutors are trying to seize 770k. For some reason, that doesn’t seem like a lot of profit considering how much spam he is accused of sending. Continue reading

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