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Beware of using third party email as your prime email account

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There is a thread at about someone who was using a Yahoo email account as their primary email. Suddenly they found that the account was deleted. The problem was that the account contained their whole life. Apparently, they had not saved the emails.

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Google trends – Compare what people are searching for..

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Google has a neat tool available called Google Trends.  You can put in a search term or terms and it will show you the historical trends for searches for that term. It will also highlight news articles pertaining to that term and when they appeared.

You can also put in multiple terms to compare seperated by commas.

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New York to try to charge sales tax on Internet Purchases

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New York State is trying to make online retailers collect sales tax from purchases made by New York residents.

Given the state of the Internet right now, this is going to be a nightmare for online merchants. Currently they say they are only going after ‘large retailers’. In truth, given the way that government is known to work, they will require all online retailers to collect NY Sales tax (remember that politicians buy votes by confiscating money from one group of people and handing that money out to other groups of people. Their appetite for taxes is insatiable)

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Target loses disability lawsuit

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First of all, let me say I can sympathize with persons with disabilities. I’ve had firsthand experience. HOWEVER, the lawsuit against Target Online and the settlement defies any logic or reason. To sum it up, some guy who was visually impaired could not easily purchase things online from Target. Sooooo. rather than try to get a friend or social worker to help, he hires Dewey Cheetum and Howe, ambulance ch… er I mean trial lawyers to file a multi million dollar lawsuit against Target.

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