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Urgent Contact ICann immediately to prevent skyrocketing domain name pricing

The new draft of the ICANN regulations has the potential to allow the registrars to charge exhorbitant fees for domain name renewals.

Under the current system, .com domain names are subject to price controls. Under the proposed system, there is the possibility of a nightmare scenario where someone could work like crazy to build a website and domain up and then find that the registrar wants hundred of thousands or millions of dollars to renew that domain name. Supposedly you can lock in the pricing for up to 10 years. However is is obvious that 10 years is simply too short of a timeframe. Continue reading

Target loses disability lawsuit

First of all, let me say I can sympathize with persons with disabilities. I’ve had firsthand experience. HOWEVER, the lawsuit against Target Online and the settlement defies any logic or reason. To sum it up, some guy who was visually impaired could not easily purchase things online from Target. Sooooo. rather than try to get a friend or social worker to help, he hires Dewey Cheetum and Howe, ambulance ch… er I mean trial lawyers to file a multi million dollar lawsuit against Target. Continue reading

Verizon Fios emails to AOL bouncing – Can’t these two play nice??

First of all, if you are still using AOL for your business, you want to go out and get a real email, preferrably one that goes with your domain. If you can’t do that, at least try gmail.

I’ve been sending some things to friends and clients. I took a look through my incoming emails and looked at the bounced message details. Everything going to anyone with and AOHELL.. er I mean AOL email is bouncing. What happens is that residential FIOS gives you a dynamic IP address. AOL’s spam reporting is based on IP addresses. This means you are getting an new IP address about once a week. You are, in effect, getting someone else’s history. Continue reading

Sitemeter appears to be crashing IE7

I tried to visit a bunch of sites yesterday that I read daily. I kept getting an IE dialog box of “Windows cannot open the Internet site operation aborted”

I found one site which was working that just happened to mention the problem. It seemed that sites runnning Sitemeter were crashing when accessed via IE7. I rememebered that I had Sitemeter on my Cafepress store. I checked my store and that too was crashing with the same error. Continue reading

Is your site down or are you not seeing it?

I wasn’t able to ftp to one of my domains. I also noticed it was down as far as http. I checked other sites I had hosted with them and they appeared down as well. When I called tech support, they said the site was up and running.

The support rep suggested The site is basically a limited function proxy server that allows you to put in a domain name. If you can’t see the domain but it is functioning, you will see that reported. Continue reading

Lodgenet disconnects me causing a loss of a shopping cart


I’m staying at Congress Hall in Cape May, New Jersey for a couple of days. I wanted to configure a dell system for one of my clients while they can still get XP. It took me about 45 minutes to get the configuration exactly the way I wanted it. At 11:59 PM I hit “Save cart” and…… Nothing happened. Continue reading

Switched to Verizon Fios – Initial report -AAAARRRgggghhh

Since we were in a neighborhood with some really old copper, we finally decided to abandon Speakeasy’s DSL after about 8 years of excellent service and uptime.

Verizon has been pushing their FIOS at just about every turn. We signed up and they started the install process. I have to say that the cable crew did an excellent job laying the fiber in our yard. It was a 75 yard run and it was hard to see where they had laid it when they were done. Everything was cleaned up completly. Continue reading

Violate ISP customer’s privacy and rip off web publishers in one shot

I just read an interesting thread at Webmasterworld about an ISP inserting their ads into web pages.

First of all, consider that the ability of web publishers to run their ads on their pages to generate revenue is what allows for so much free content on the Internet.

A major Internet Service Provider, Charter Communications, based out of St. Louis Mo. is implementing a plan where Continue reading

New York to try to charge sales tax on Intenet Purchases

New York State is trying to make online retailers collect sales tax from purchases made by New York residents.

Given the state of the Internet right now, this is going to be a nightmare for online merchants. Currently they say they are only going after ‘large retailers’. In truth, given the way that government is known to work, they will require all online retailers to collect NY Sales tax (remember that politicians buy votes by confiscating money from one group of people and handing that money out to other groups of people. Their appetite for taxes is insatiable) Continue reading

Click on a link, any link – Get busted and go to Jail

Declan McCullough has been writing on tech stuff for quite a while. He recently posted an article about FBI Entrapment about a situation where the FBI posted some links on a message board that appeared to be links to obviously illegal pictures and video that were to an FBI run site. Some guy clicked on the links and a couple of days later got a visit from the feds, was thrown on the ground, handcuffed, tried by a jury of morons… er his peers and convicted. His attorney is trying to get things reversed. (by the way, “Hundreds” of people were nailed with this particular sting)

OK, Great, they busted some scumball. Child porn is illegal and repugnant. It’s much much worse than a sitting prez nailing an intern a year older than his daughter. So, no problem if you are a good upstanding citizen, right???

WRONGO BONZO- Go straight to jail, do not pass “GO”. Do no collect $200.

The fundamental flaw in this that was outlined in the article was that it appeared that the Feds were simply looking at the IP of the person who clicked, not the referrer. IOW, They saw that someone clicked on the link and followed it. They don’t know what link they really clicked.

For example, they might have clicked the links on the FBI post that read something like OK, so that person should know they are venturing into possibly illegal territory. Note the stress on possibly.

Now, here is the problem where the FBI is using the “Kill them all, let God sort them out approach”. It has to do with the way anchor text works.

There are two parts to an HTML link, (1) the actual address that the link points to and (2) the text that is displayed for the user. Therein lies the problem and a huge potential that would allow people to ruin the lives of others. This has been widely known for some time. The whole Google bombing that led to Google showing a page on President Bush for the search term “miserable failure” is a result of just this type of manipulation.

Continue reading

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