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Microsoft is ending Server 2003 support

Microsoft has announce that it will be ending support for Server 2003 on July 14 , 2015.

If you continue to run Server 2003 beyond this date your network becomes increasingly vulnerable to hackers as updates will no longer be available  This can leave businesses open to civil and criminal actions in addition to the damage caused by being hacked. Continue reading

Microsoft is ending support for Windows XP on 4 8 2014

Microsoft has announced that they are ending support for Windows XP on 4 8 2014.

This means that updates will no longer be available. That will leave you vulnerable to malware and exploits. In addition, you may find that you will have problems with drivers for hardware. Microsoft extended the end of support for Windows 98 but don’t count on that happening again. Continue reading

Outlook 2003 would freeze when clicking the TO or CC buttons

I came across a machine that seemed to be freezing when the user clicked on the TO or CC buttons to access the address book. Outlook 2003 was set up with an exchange account. I started troubleshooting and ran through the detect and repair, resetting the mail profiles, a repair install and a complete uninstall and reinstall.

Outlook still continued to hang. The user’s account would work fine on other machines. Everything I found while searching failed to resolve the issue. Continue reading

Pay as you go wireless broadband

We had a home office client whose DSL went down. They needed immediate connectivity. The solution was to purchase a Virgin Mobile wireless modem and airtime.

The modem was about $80. The plans currently offered are a 10 day, limited bandwith plan for about 10 and a one month, unlimited data plan for about $40.

The client needed about a week of connectivity and sends and receives large files so he opted for the $40 plan. Continue reading

Quickbooks 2010 crashing

We have a client who was experiencing problems with his Quickbooks 2010 crashing. At first glance, it seemed it might be due to the wireless connection.

Quickbooks crashed while we were there. The client was simply trying to enter a funds transfer. There were about 15 lines in the Event Viewer. A quick check of the error message led to the possibility that the Company file needed to be rebuilt. We made a backup of the company file and went through the rebuild and verify processes twice. It appears that Quickbooks is now stable.

Norton 360 One click error messages

We are trying out Norton 360 premium for it’s backup capabilities. So far, we’ve found the interface to be a little unweildy.

We created a backup set for 20 MB and ran it manually. At the end of the run, we got an error message that 21,000 files were backed up but that there was an error. We submbitted through the email version of the one click reporting. Continue reading

Windows Mobile – Can’t send Email

I ran into a problem with my Samsung Saga running Windows Mobile 6.1. I was in a location where I was using wireless and the wireless provider had blocked the email ports. I thought “No problem, I’ll just send this when I get outside”. I was still getting the error that “The message(s) cannot be sent…”

I played around with my email provider to no avail. I found the only way to fix the problem was to delete the email account from my phone and re-create it. That certainly is not an optimal fix. Continue reading

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