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Wikipedia Blackout in protest of the Stop anti piracy legislation

Wikipedia is staging a blackout on Wednesday Jan 18 in protest of the STOP piracy act. The stop piracy act is an insane move by the coke snorting, heroin using hollywood degenerates to grab every penny then can, legitimately or otherwise.

The STOP act is a bi-partisan cluster fark. Those who received large amounts of money from the entertainment industry supported this unconstitutional bill. Continue reading

The US Post Office Website SUCKS

I haven’t used the USPS.Com Click and ship for a while. I have a system that allows me to assign a unique password to each online site I use. However, the USPS idiot programmers decided that they would require at least one letter to be uppercase and one to be lower case. Somehow the password algo I use is not providing the correct password to access the site. Then I figured I would just reset the password.


Now I tried to get back into the site.  It has one of those asinine ‘secret questions’. ANY IDIOT WHO DESIGNS A SITE USING SECRET QUESTIONS SHOULD BE FIRED, TARRED, FEATHERED AND NEVER ALLOWED TO TOUCH A COMPUTER AGAIN. This is especially true when they refuse to give you the “Create your own question” option. Continue reading

Insanity – Philadelphia is requiring bloggers to have a license.

The Washington Examiner has an article about the City of Philadelphia requiring bloggers to have a $300 business license. This is absolutely insane. Supposedly the city is so cash strapped that it is imposing onerous and expensive business licensing requirements on someone who is making a couple of bucks a year with a blog running adsense.

The insanity of this is that Philadelphia is totally mismanaged. The Philadelphia Housing Director, Carl Greene is pulling in over 300K per year. Green has had NUMEROUS sexual harrasment charges levelled against him resulting in his losing two lawsuits and several out of court settlements. Yet the supposedly cash strapped city finds the money to pay this guy 300k per year. Perhaps they are trying to drive bloggers out of business to prevent them from airing the city’s filthy, disgusting dirty laundry.  HEY PHILADELPHIA – Fire Green and you can forget about harrassing bloggers. Continue reading

Ruh Roh- One of the Russian Spies worked at Microsoft and another wrote decision making software

One of the Russian spies recently arrested worked at Microsoft and another had a company that wrote decision making software.

One of the problems is that detecting easter eggs in software is difficult. It would be possible for someone with the right access to leave backdoors in microsoft products that would allow data to be compromised by Russian intelligence. This impacts both national security and private business in terms of industrial espionage. Continue reading

Bill would allow Obama to sieze control of the internet

I don’t really who is in power, a socialist democrat or a conservative republican. There is a bill sponsered by Sen Lieberman that would give Obama a ‘kill switch’ for the internet. The bill is entitled Protecting Cyberspace as a National Asset Act.  Given the actions of this administration and the heavy handed tactics, this is a truly frightening bill. As much as I trust Sarah Palin, I would not even want her to have this much power. Continue reading

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